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My mission is create Guitars, You'd love to play on.

Guitars, that are very easy to play, producing a brilliant and accurate sound, well-tuned scale length and good projection.

With a clear balanced tone, the guitars respond to every nuance of the your musical expression.

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Wooden instrument that meets the requirements for conservatory students and elementary art schools. The difference from the concert and master instruments lies in the choice of the quality of the material used (in this case the standard quality), the tuning pegs and the surface treatment (in this case, the polyurethane lacquer on the whole tool).


  • top plate - European spruce, cedar
  • back plate and lube- indian rosewood
  • neck-mahogany Khaja
  • fretboard - ebony
  • Bridge - Indian Rosewood
  • Surface treatment - polyurethane varnish, high gloss.
  • Tuning Pegs - Rubner, standart
  • Fretboard width on zero fret - 52, 53 mm

Price from: 1500 euro


Instrument that meets the requirements for conservatory students. The instrument is suitable for solo or concert or ensemble playing in concert halls. Its made from first grade material. Finish of the front plate (shellac polish) gives the full power and color to the sound.


  • top plate - European spruce, cedar
  • back plate and lube- indian rosewood
  • neck-mahogany Khaja
    fingerboard - ebony
  • Grasshopper - Indian Rosewood
  • surface treatment - polyurethane varnish, high gloss, top plate - shellac polish.
    Tuning Pegs - Rubner, classic serie
    Fretboard width on zero fret - 52, 53 mm

Price from: 2500 euro


The best available material of your choice. This guitar has its brand new ribbing, developed through years of experience in the construction of classical guitars. Ribbing is not a copy of proven tips (eg Torres, Bouchet, etc.), but it is a brand new tip,  designed to achieve the best balance between stiffness and the resonance board's flexibility, required for maximum instrument performance and a wide variety of sound scales (harmonic aliquots).

The finish is a shellac polish on the entire instrument.

Price varies depending on the used material

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What My customers say

I've had the pleasure to play the guitars of Pavel Kriha during the Brno International Guitar Festival.

The first impression is that they are very easy to play producing a brilliant and accurate sound, well-tuned scale length and good projection.

Kriha uses an admirable traditional method of Spanish guitarmaking and his guitars are characterized by refined, timeless aesthetics. With a clear balanced tone, the guitars of Pavel Kriha respond to every nuance of the player's musical expression, better addressed to the XIX guitar repertoire but also excellent for the contemporary music.

They are concert guitars suitable for students of music conservatories as well as for professional guitarists, and certainly they should be considered among the best guitars with an excellent compromise between price and quality.

Luciano Tortorelli

Guitar virtuos

I had the opportunity to watch Pavel Kriha guytars in couple of years, and I cam clearly see that they are going better and better.

This guitars have quality sound, well shaped, nci. Jeho nástroje jsou zvukově kvalitní, rovněž výborně vyhovují tvarově a ​they are carefully crafted.

Pavel Kříž's guitars are suitable for concert play not only for conservatory listeners, but they can stand on concert stages in a wide competition of other builders.

Mgr.Vilma Manová


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I create guitars

I have been producing classical guitars for over ten years, since I started to study guitar at the school of musical instruments under the guidance of guitarist Miroslav Černík, who was a student of the famous guitarist Ivan Rohožka. After graduation I was admitted to the Teplice Conservatory as a student of guitar playing with Professor MgA. Jan Záruba, and finished my studies at the Conservatory in České Budějovice under the direction of MgA. Františka Lukáše.

During my studies at the Conservatory, I progressively developed and improved my guitar skills. The constant contact with the music environment and the effort to control the instrument as a player has given me a lot of knowledge that I use in the construction of guitars (the ideal qualities of guitar sound, the playability of the instrument and the simple appearance that excels in the beauty of the material used). Already during my conservatory studies, instruments were created for students of conservatories and pupils of elementary art schools.

When building instruments, I focus on the traditional practices of old guitarists. Mainly students of conservatories play on my guitars. As a guitarist, I also regularly participate in exhibitions at international guitar festivals, where everyone is able to play and evaluate the instrument compared to other instruments. To date I have built over 40 instruments.


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